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IFK Göteborg won a tight fight in the M43(H43) class

Skriven 2011-08-09 18:39:03 av Lennart Sturesson
There was a trio consisting of IFK Göteborg, Tullinge SK och Delta getting onto the last leg. Tulling SK lost ground early but Delta hang on. But after a few heavy slopes Petri Noponen felt that Tobias Noborn was the stronger that day. Noborn could increase the victory margin to one minute and 18 seconds.

This was a return for IFK Göteborg after a couple of years absence and it was a happy team that returned after its first victory looking forward to next year’s competition. They found the event very good with good possibilities to follow the runners, only missing more long legs to get the opportunity to outrun their competitors. Being 7 minutes behind at most they were confident that with runners as Roine Pettersson, Gunnar Elveljung, Thomas Asp and Tobias Noborn on the last leg they could catch up and win, as they proved they could do.

Congratulations to IFK Göteborg!

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