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43-kavlen 2013 cancelled

Skriven 2013-07-29 10:03:24 av Lennart Sturesson
At the deadline for registration on Sunday evening there were 38 teams with a total of 290 runners registered. That is not enough for an exciting relay of the standard that 43-kavlen is known for. The competition management have therefore decided to cancel the competition. We regret this and wish to thank all the clubs for their efforts to form teams but now cannot come to compete.

We planned for a competition with around 700 participants, which is a bit low in itself, but due to the collision with the World Masters Orienteering Championships we realized at an early stage that we could not expect a major growth compared to the recent years.

We hope that everyone can find something meaningful and fun to do instead.
Don't forget about the “43-epilogen” that will run according to plan!

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